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Grand Marshall of MLK Day Parade!


On January 15, 2018 I was proud to serve my city of Inglewood as the Grand Marshall in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade!  Congresswoman Maxine Waters spoke, Stevie Wonder performed and I even got to say a few words to the congregation gathered at the Tabernacle Church for the kick-off event. The Mayor presented me with a beautiful award. NBA Legend Paul Pierce and the

Wedlocked at Atlanta LGBT Film Festival


If you’re in Atlanta, Georgia be sure to check out the screening on Wedlocked on August 26th! Get your tickets and passes here.

A Week in London


mv5bmtkwmziwmtm4n15bml5banbnxkftztgwmdkwnjmxnze-_v1_sy1000_cr006171000_al_ A Week in London, is released!  I play the fabulous Rochelle Ritzy. This hilarious paridy follows an heiress’ quest to show the world she isn’t just another “it” girl and pretentious celebutante, chronicled by renowned BBC journalist Diana Smeltmarlin. More info at IMDB

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